During an Intuitive Coaching session Angelica uses her intuitive gifts to connect to your highest self (along with your personal team of Spirit guides...yes, you have a team!) and provides guidance that supports your physical and emotional awareness, healing, and growth.  Angelica leverages several tools to provide the most accurate and transformative experience possible. These modalities might include energy work, oracle cards, numerology, mediumship, and crystal therapy. Combined with established coaching techniques, the purpose of an Intuitive Coaching session is to help you connect more fully with your own intuition, align with your authentic self, and create the life you are divinely purposed for.


  • Gain clarity and insight into any area of your life

  • Restore energetic alignment and balance

  • Heal and release emotional blockages

  • Create an actionable plan for achieving goals

  • Connect with your own Inner Guide

  • Navigate transition and life changes



Individual Coaching Session
$65 / 30 Minutes
$125 / 60 Minutes

Coaching Packages
$350 / 3-60 Minute Sessions
$575 / 5-60 Minute Sessions