On Choosing Women


Over the past few months people have asked me regularly why I’ve chosen to work specifically with women- I had never really thought about it beyond that it felt “right”. But after diving a little deeper with myself, here is the conclusion I came to- women are the past, the present, and the future.

Women bare the weight of the world, are consistently shunned and shamed by it, and respond only with a greater magnitude of unconditional love. A woman’s capacity for healing, for change, for connection, is unmatched.

When we heal women, we heal mothers who raise healthy and happy children, we heal brothers, we heal fathers and husbands, friends and colleagues.

A whole, articulated, and actualized woman is the antidote to much of the poison in our world today, and not because she is obligated to be, but because the presence of a strong and loving woman is affective...she seeps into your pores, into your spirit, into your soul.

Women lift as we rise- it is our very nature. When the Universe is calling us to light, to consciousness, women are first in line. The secrets and truths of our human existence have been divinely entrusted to women since the very beginning of time. The elevation is female, the evolution is female and I cannot think of anyone else I’d rather be on this journey with... 

With Love,