Full Moon Release


Okay- so, let me tell you about the first time I like legitimately committed to a Full Moon ritual.

Things were going downhill, fast. I had basically catapulted head first in to one situationship after another with men who were unavailable in every sense of the word, my closest and most valued friendships were strained and frayed, and I was holding on to feelings of unworthiness so deeply entrenched I couldn’t see straight- and all of this this was manifesting in big, scary ways in my everyday life.

I decided that I was ready to let go of the deeper patterns of thought and energy that were creating these self-induced circumstances. What if I finally showed the Universe that I was ready to let go of these stories that were attaching me to people, places, and feelings that weren’t meant for me? What would happen if I actually pulled out all the stops to release them? Most importantly- what did I have to lose?

Girl, when I say MAGIC! I literally felt it from the moment I completed the ritual, and knew immediately that something had shifted. I relinquished ownership of everything that wasn’t mine to carry and let the Universe handle the rest.

I still attribute much of my spiritual growth and awakening to what began that night.

With the end of 2018 quickly approaching, we are welcoming our last Full Moon of the year in Cancer on December 22. It is an ideal cycle to help us resolve, remove, and release anything that isn’t for us, so that we can move into the next calendar year lighter, and energetically ready to attract what IS for us.

Ready, Set, Go!

Make some space - No, like really, being outside under the direct influence of the Full Moon is insanely powerful. Even if you can’t see the Moon in the night sky from where you are, try to find a space outside where you can sit comfortably for as long as you need or want to. If this absolutely doesn’t work, inside next to a window is ideal. Grab a pillow or blanket to sit on, get comfy.

Sidenote: if your living situation is anything like mine, you might have to contend with the anxiety of neighbors looking on wondering what kind of voodoo fuckery you’re doing outside at night in the middle of winter. Oh well, get over it and they will too.

Equip - Some handy tools of the trade really help to up the ante for this one. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Sage or Palo Santo

  • A white candle

  • A pen/pencil and paper

  • Matches or a lighter

  • A bowl of water

  • Optional: Crystals/Stones. I love working with black tourmaline (protection & purification), rose quartz (love) and copper (amplification)- but whatever you have that you feel compelled to work with is perfect.

Breathe - Take a few deep breaths, or more than a few, if you need to. Really, as many as it takes to get yourself calm, centered, and ready to be fully present.

Cleanse - Burn your sage or Palo Santo with the intention of cleansing yourself and your environment.

Light - Your candle.

Invite - Invite your Spirit Team in. Ask the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel to surround and protect you. Invite you guardian angels, your ancestors and your guides. Feel them showing up around you. Think of it as one big spiritual potluck- everyone brings their signature something to contribute!

Write - Grab your pen/pencil and paper and start writing down every thought, feeling, person, idea, attachment, word, or phrase that symbolizes what you want to release. Get it ALL OUT onto the paper. Don’t stop writing until you know you’re done- you’ll know when you’re done.

Speak - Thank your Spirits and Guides for allowing you to learn valuable lessons from these things, and acknowledge that they have served their purpose. Tell the Universe that you’re ready to let go of all of that which no longer serves you. Cry if you need to. Scream if you need to. Laugh if you need to. But whatever you do, say it. Out loud.

Burn - Alright, now here’s the kicker- light that shit on fire! Like your life depends on it. Watch it burn, internalize the release. When it gets too hot, drop it into the bowl of water. Please don’t burn yourself, use good judgement.

Affirm - Stay in quiet solitude as long as you feel is necessary to process your thoughts and feelings. Speak gratitude and finality over the release. Thank the Moon, the Universe, and your Team for assisting you. Dispose of any soggy paper remnants, and water.

So there you have it, the ritual that changed my life.

Here’s the thing though, DO YOU. If this doesn’t feel 100% right for you, do what does feel right for you. There is no right or wrong. You’re the best architect of your own sacred rituals. Allow your own intuition to guide the process.

With love,

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On Choosing Women


Over the past few months people have asked me regularly why I’ve chosen to work specifically with women- I had never really thought about it beyond that it felt “right”. But after diving a little deeper with myself, here is the conclusion I came to- women are the past, the present, and the future.

Women bare the weight of the world, are consistently shunned and shamed by it, and respond only with a greater magnitude of unconditional love. A woman’s capacity for healing, for change, for connection, is unmatched.

When we heal women, we heal mothers who raise healthy and happy children, we heal brothers, we heal fathers and husbands, friends and colleagues.

A whole, articulated, and actualized woman is the antidote to much of the poison in our world today, and not because she is obligated to be, but because the presence of a strong and loving woman is affective...she seeps into your pores, into your spirit, into your soul.

Women lift as we rise- it is our very nature. When the Universe is calling us to light, to consciousness, women are first in line. The secrets and truths of our human existence have been divinely entrusted to women since the very beginning of time. The elevation is female, the evolution is female and I cannot think of anyone else I’d rather be on this journey with... 

With Love,