If you’re ready to step into the fullness of who you are, embrace intuitive guidance, and discover your Divine Purpose, then you’re ready to…


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This 12 week one-on-one program is for the dimensional, sophisticated, and spiritually conscious (or curious) woman ready to:

  • Gracefully navigate transitions in her life experience

  • Release limiting beliefs and welcome the flow of abundance

  • Awaken and align with her Divine Purpose

  • Explore her personal identity


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re in transition in career, relationships, physical wellness, or finances (or all of the above!) with ease and flow, instead of fear and overwhelm.

  • You’re ready to feel equipped and empowered to look within for the answers you’re seeking - instead of relying on external validation.

  • You desire a life where you are fulfilled, and living in your purpose, instead of just checking “boxes”

  • You’re aching for a life that feels aligned, fulfilling, in purposeful - but you cont

  • You’re ready to explore your spirituality beyond the confines of traditional “religion”.

  • You feel pulled to learn more about the the spiritual modalities you’ve been hearing about


 Here’s whats invluded:

• Pre-coaching discovery workbook - This is the first step in our journey together and will give you both direct guidance and supportive space to explore your intentions in Intuitive Coaching

Customized reading and resource list - A curated list of books, resources, podcasts, journal prompts, and material to support your personal journey.

Personal “Intuitive Insight” assessment - I’ll review and assess your personal numerology, astrology, and oracle insights and guide you through the process of understanding these modalities. This will provide us with a “blueprint” for understanding your past life experiences, your current circumstances, and your soul’s purpose.

1 introductory 90-minute deep dive session - This time will be wholly focused on getting to know each other and exploring our coach-client connection. Together, we’ll create space for you to reflect on your experiences, clarify your intentions, and set the foundation for our time together.

• 5 bi-weekly 45-minute sessions

• 3 monthly 30-minute reiki energy healings
• Email & Text Support
• Weekly affirmation/ astral insight


The work we will do together is deeply personal, and incredibly sacred. Therefore, it is important that we are a fit for one another. Schedule a call now.


 my promise as your guide…